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Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any treatments or procedures that are intended to improve and enhance the physical appearance of your teeth, from small changes to major repairs. We can reshape or alter the length of your teeth, brighten them, and more. Many cosmetic procedures can also improve your oral health, and confidence. If you cover your mouth when you smile, cosmetic dentistry can help.


Our cosmetic dentistry services include:

An alternative to metal braces for minor tooth movement cases, these clear aligners allow you to straighten your smile without the wires and pain that come with traditional braces.

These are thin pieces of porcelain that are made to look like your teeth, but they give your teeth strength & resiliency while also giving them a more appealing look and shape.

Teeth whitening is the best method for brightening your smile. We can make whitening trays custom fitted for your mouth to whiten your teeth evenly. We use a whitening gel that is much stronger than the over counter brands.

This is a removable prosthesis (an appliance that comes out at night) that replaces missing teeth but not an entire set or arch of teeth.

A removable oral prosthesis (an appliance that comes out at night) that replaces an entire arch of teeth. Dentures help restore your smile and facial heights so that it is easier to eat and speak clearly, as well as gaining a healthier mouth.


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